ChatGPT GitHub Empowered assistant

Designed for comprehensive repository interaction - from code contributions to read/write operations, reviews and advanced task automation.


Connect GitHub

Start by logging in with your GitHub account. The authentication process is secure and involves no third parties.

Step 1

Login with GitHub

Step 2

Allow App to Authenticate

Step 3

Start Chatting



The GPT can perform most GitHub API calls enabling a wide range of use case.

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Improvement and debugging

You can easily chat about improvements, get ChatGPT`s opinions, refine, and let the ChatCody raise a pull request right away

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Boilerplate a new repository

The GPT is capable of creating a new repository and starting to make changes to commit the necessary files for a new pull request.

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Pull request reviews

Let ChatGPT look at your pull requests for initial or additional reviews, to catch potential bugs or suggest refinements.